Isnin, 25 Januari 2021

Drama Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Kai lakonan Vikram Singh Chauhan dan Aditi Sharma di TV3

Drama Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Kai TV3
Drama Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Kai bersiaran setiap hari Isnin hingga Khamis jam 4 petang di TV3.

Para Pelakon

Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aman Junaid Khan; Parveen and Junaid's son; Kabir, Sara and Saima's brother; Farah's half-brother; Roshni's husband; Armaan and Ayaan's father.

Sinopsis Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Kai

Aman Junaid Khan and Roshni Ahmed are individuals who are poles apart but their lives are connected through fate and magic.

Aman is a Nawab, who is cursed by the Dark shadow of Djinn, while Roshni is the daughter of a Tawaif who has a heart of an angel. Parveen's life falls in danger due to the Jinn's magic and can be protected only if Aman marries an Ayaana; a woman with the heart of an angel. Salma pretends to be sick, forcing Roshni to marry Aman for money. 

Aman misunderstands Roshni to be a woman with bad intentions who will do anything for money. He starts detesting her and gives her a cheque in exchange of marrying him. Aman and Roshni marry.

Roshni feels a connection with Aman but is hurt by his rude behaviour. Later she falls in love with Aman but he disliked her. Due to some misconceptions, Aman throws her out of his house and his life. Aman's brother, Kabir Junaid Khan makes his entry. He tries to kill Aman, but in order to save Aman, Roshni takes the arrows herself and dies. Aman realises his feelings for Roshni after her death and is left heartbroken.

Kabir brings Roshni back to life but keeps her under his control, aiming to separate her from Aman. He erases all her memories with Aman. Kabir's hold on Roshni is destroyed when Aman stabs her with a magical dagger. Parveen is revealed to be evil who wants to use her sons to become the queen of jinns. Parveen kills Kabir but fails to kill Aman. Aman unintentionally touches a powerful sword and becomes Jinnat ka Badshah, the new most powerful of the dark world. Aman and Roshni enjoy their life together.

Aliya, Aman's ex-girlfriend, returns with a baby and tries to separate Aman and Roshni. The baby is revealed to be Kabir's and Aliya is revealed to be a Haiwana. Parveen tries to sacrifice the baby to regain her lost powers, but Aman saves the child with Roshni's help. Roshni tries to expose Aliya, but fails. Aliya attacks Parveen resulting in Parveen going into coma. Aman, believing it is Roshni's fault, asks her to leave the house.

One year later Roshni decides to open a bakery while Aman is worried about Parveen's decreased health conditions. Despite their differences, Aman and Roshni again become close. Kabir returns. Aman gets stabbed while saving Roshni and becomes physically and emotional weak. His true feelings for Roshni comes out. 

They consummate and Roshni becomes pregnant with twins. Kabir makes Aman and Roshni break the Laal Chand which annoys the Red Moon Princess, Laila. Kabir joins hands with Laila and helps her seek revenge against Aman and Roshni. Laila curses Roshni that she will die before the next full moon. Aman races against time and succeeds to save Roshni but temporarily.